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Get your Little Phil to fill!  Drop your change in and then donate the 'savings.'  Special thanks to First Guaranty Bank for sponsoring the Phil the Pig effort.

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Phil the Pig

Have  you seen Phil yet?  Keep your eyes peeled.  He's around...
The FAQ Details:


What is the Green Pig Program?

The Green Pig Student Giving Program is a student based initiative to raise awareness on the importance of philanthropy. Money raised in your Little Phil will go toward student projects and programs at Southeastern. This is an initiative for students, by students. Save today and give back tomorrow. Every little penny (or dime, quarter, or dollar bill!) can make a difference for students at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Money raised each semester will be utilized for programs and projects that directly benefit the student body. Information regarding funds raised and current initiative will be posted to Phil's website and social media sites.


Who is Phil the Pig?

Phil the Pig is the official mascot for the Green Pig Student Giving Program. Phil's goal is to raise awareness about the Green Pig Program to Southeastern's students, faculty and staff, and community. Phil will be out at various Southeastern events throughout the year.


What is a Little Phil?

A Little Phil is a small, green piggy bank that students and others can keep in their dorm, apartment, home, on their desk, night stand, or kitchen table... anywhere that you will drop in loose change and dollar bills. Little Phil's will be distributed to Southeastern students and change collected in Little Phil can be dropped off at various "Pig Drop" events throughout the year. Once you receive your Little Phil, he is yours to keep during your time at Southeastern and beyond.


How do I care for my Little Phil?

Fortunately, he needs no food or water, but he sure does thrive on money!  Deposit loose change, dollar bills, checks, whatever you have in your Little Phil. Various Pig Drop events will occur each semester to give you a chance to empty your Phil.


How do I find out about upcoming Phil events?

Like Phil the Pig on Facebook,   Follow Phil on Twitter for the most up to date news, events and contests. You can even snap your photo with Phil and post pictures to Instgram.


I'm interested in volunteering to help fill Phil.

There are many opportunities to become a part of something fun that directly helps Southeastern students.  Contact Lauren Williams at lauren.williams-3@southeastern.edu or at 985.549.5224 to volunteer.



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