Normally scheduled classes and activities at all locations will resume on Friday, January 19. Due to the recent weather closures, the deadline for making schedule adjustments (Drop/Add period) has been extended until Tuesday, January 23 at 5:00 p.m. The final fee payment deadline has been extended to Wednesday, January 24 at 5:00 p.m. Further information on any additional changes to the spring calendar will be forthcoming.

Rental Pricing and Guidelines




1/2 Day/Minimum

Full Day
110A/110B/120B Locker Rooms                $   75.00
122 40 classroom $   75.00 $ 125.00
125 60-70 classroom $ 100.00 $ 175.00
127 40 classroom $   75.00 $ 125.00
122,125, 127 Suite set-up $ 200.00 $ 350.00
133 190 permanent seating $ 165.00 $ 300.00
139 80-90 classroom style $ 100.00 $ 175.00
203-B 20-25 conference style $   50.00 $   90.00
211-B 32 (set up as needed) $   75.00 $ 125.00
St. Tammany Room Hospitality/Conference Seating for up to 16 $ 100.00 $ 175.00
VIP Suite Dressing Rooms/Lounge   $ 200.00
Arena Greater of: $2850.00 per day or 10% of gross gate receipts per event. (Total Gate Receipts less sales tax)


NOTE: All rentals after hours OR on weekends, will also be charged Out-of-Pocket
expenses for all necessary additional staffing, i.e. Custodial, Sound, HVAC, Campus Police. Additional set up charges are applicable if other than standard room set up is used. (See below)

Rooms with hardwired Internet connectivity 127, 133, 139, Arena
Free wifi is available.

NOTE: $1,000,000 liability insurance policy is required for all rentals.(See insurance requirements below)


University Center Additional Charges

Room set up (reconfiguration from standard set up)  
Rooms 122, 127, 203B, 211B, St. Tammany Room $      25.00
Rooms 139, 125 $      50.00
Load-In/Load-Out Assistance (Meeting materials-includes receiving/
shipping assistance. Shipping charges not included)
$      25.00
Portable table top lectern with microphone   (Daily) $      25.00
Table/Riser Skirting; Hunter Green w/White table topper  (Each) $        8.00
Dry Erase Board w/Easel & Markers   (Daily) $      10.00
2000 Lumen Projector   (Daily) $    250.00
7000 Lumen Projector   (Daily) $ 1,000.00
10x15 Projection Screen   (Daily) $    100.00
6x9 Projection Screen   (Daily) $      50.00


FLOOR SEATING SET UP *Basic-Up to 500 chairs $    100.00
  Full- 500-1000 chairs $    150.00
**Additional charge to cover basketball court if necessary $    125.00
STAGE SET UP *Basic-Up to 12x24 $    100.00
  Large- 18x24 or larger $    150.00
**Stage set up includes draping, stairs, and backdrop curtains
PORTABLE RISERS (4x8 w/9", 15" or 24" height)  (Each) $       5.00
PLANTS: (Need minimum 3-day notice) *$75.00 Minimum Charge  
  Ferns,  (Each) $       3.00
  Ficus Trees,  (Each) $       5.00


ARENA CLEANING *1000 attendees $    200.00
(Based on event attendance) 1000-2500 attendees $    300.00
  2500 + attendees $    400.00

Any university personnel (custodial, sound technician, building engineer and university police) required to work the event with overtime and/or regular wages charged.Determination of university personnel decided by University Center director according to event needs and UC needs.

All set up, clean up and equipment rental costs.
All security decisions (such as number of security personnel working an event) to be determined by the Director of University Police.
It can be left to the discretion of the UC Director to calculate an estimate of OP expenses and use that amount (figured prior to event) rather than using actual hours. Using this figure, the leasing party will pay a flat rate agreed upon prior to the event. This will be done with personnel agreed on prior to the event. Any additional personnel added after estimate is made will be included as a separate billing item (expense) after the event.

NOTE -- some type of paperwork MUST be completed and filed with the director's office for usage of either the arena or meeting rooms. This may involve the standard contract for arena rental, a facility use request for non-university groups, a letter on state or federal stationery requesting usage or the university's registration of activity form for on-campus departments. The LESSEE shall return a signed agreement to the Directors office no later than fifteen (15) business days prior to date of event.



No event date shall be confirmed until a deposit is received by the Director. Deposit shall be calculated as an amount equal to total rental + 75% of estimated Out of Pocket Expenses.



Scheduling of all events will be handled by the Director of the University Center and his office. The Athletic Department shall have first priority for scheduling of intercollegiate games and scrimmages. As soon as a schedule is arranged, a copy should be provided to the director. Any changes should be made with the concurrence of the director.
Annual university department sponsored events should have second priority.

Rental to outside parties will be made in coordination with athletic and university sponsored events. Scheduling will take into consideration the amount of time for set-up, the event and breakdown/clean-up after the event.

**Cancellations are to be made no later than forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the event. Failure to notify all concerned parties may result in loss of scheduling privileges, liability for charges for service or personnel.


Catering can be provided for meeting rooms and the arena. The UC will provide coffee, bottled water, and/or soft drinks at an established price adjusted each year according to expenses. Food can be purchased from Aramark through the University Center. Any outside catering service may be used, but they must provide the UC with a $1 million liability insurance policy (see insurance requirements above).


Rules for events with alcohol must conform to University policies, including, but not limited to insurance and security.


Concessions are handled exclusively by Southeastern Athletics. Any group attempting to provide or sell refreshments for events MUST receive approval of Southeastern Athletics.

Southeastern Athletics will be responsible for having concessions operating for ANY activity in the arena upon request of the sponsoring parties or the director of the UC.


Access to wireless Internet will be allowed at the rate of one (1) access per 25 people in attendance of a meeting, up to a limit of five (5) (See Wireless Internet charges above). For campus affiliated groups, this access should be approved by the sponsoring university department. If more access is needed, special arrangements need to be made through the sponsoring department or computer services. For non-campus groups, this access should be approved by the UC office.

It is suggested that groups needing access by a large number of attendees look into using a computer lab for the workshop.


Insurance Requirements

A. Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability (If applicable): Workers' Compensation limits as required by the Labor Code of the State of Louisiana and Employers Liability coverage. The insurer shall agree to waive all rights of subrogation against the University, its officers, officials, employees and volunteers for losses arising from work performed by the Lessee for the University.

B. Comprehensive General Liability : $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage. "Claims Made" form is unacceptable. The "occurrence form" shall not have a "sunset clause". The policies are to contain, or be endorsed to contain, that the University, its officers, officials, employees, Boards and Commissions and volunteers are to be added as "additional insured" as respects liability arising our of activities performed by and on behalf of the Lessee; products and completed operations of the Lessee; premises owned, occupied or used by the Lessee.

C. Automobile Liability (If applicable): $1,000,000 combined single limit per accident, for bodily injury and property damage. The policy shall provide coverage for owned, hired, and non-owned coverage. If an automobile is to be utilized in the execution of this contract, and the Lessee does not own a vehicle, then proof of hired and non-owned coverage is sufficient.

The Certificate of Insurance is to be provided to the University at least ten (10) business days prior to the commencement of any program or activity in the University facility.