About Student Affairs

Welcome to Southeastern Louisiana University's Division for Student Affairs web site.  Our web site is filled with information about many programs and services that are designed to complement life outside of the classroom, promote student success, and encourage personal and professional development.

Student Affairs is an integral part of Southeastern.  The DIvision supports the University's mission to lead the educational, economic, and cultural development of southeast Louisiana.  We serve as important resources for the recruitment of quality students, aid student retention by actively overseeing important services and co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, contribute to a sense of identity and loyalty for the institution, and create an environment that is safe, friendly, supportive, and caring.  

At the core of our success is a committed and competent staff that believes in students.  Our staff want you to stay in school, graduate, and find a job.  We encourage you to get involved, as students who seek out-of-class opportunities typically do better than those who do not.



Division for Student Affairs

Eric Summers

     Dr. Eric Summers, Ph.D.

     Vice President 




Becky Johnson     Becky Johnson

     Administrative Assistant V




Jim McHodgkins     Jim McHodgkins

     Assistant Vice President




Dawn Starkey

Administrative Assistant IV


Student Engagement

Angela James

Interim Director



Kyle Gallagher     Kyle Gallagher, M.Ed., M.S.

     Assistant Director



Nick Elliot     Nick Elliott, M.S.

     Coordinator, Campus Activities Board



Marjorie Parker     Marjorie Parker, M.A.

     Coordinator, Multicultural & International Student Affairs




Recreational Sports & Wellness

Terry Passman

Interim Director



Laverne Richardson     Laverne Richardson

     Interim Business Manager




Jean Bernard     Jean Bernard

     Assistant Director, Guest Services




Megan Mast     Megan Mast

     Assistant Director, Health & Wellness




Kathy Cusimano     Kathy Cusimano

     Assistant Director, Field Experience & Youth Programs




Cheryl Olah     Cheryl Olah

     Administrative Coordinator III


Career Services

Ken Ridgedell     Ken Ridgedell, M.B.A.




Brittany Bacques     Brittany Bacques, M.A.

     Assistant Director



Blake Thomas     Blake Thomas, M.Ed.

     Career & Employment Specialist



Beverly Sellers, M.A., N.C.C

Career Counselor



Jennifer Williams

Administrative Assistant II


Student Publications

Lee Lind     Dr. Lee E. Lind, Ed.D




Lorraine Peppo     Lorraine Peppo, M.A.






Administrative Assistant II

 University Counseling Center

Peter Emerson     Dr. Peter Emerson, Ed.D, LPC-S




Annette Newton-Baldwin     Annette Newton-Baldwin, M.A., LPC, LMFT

     Mental Health Counselor & Community Liaison



Paige Moody     Paige Moody, M.S., LPC, LMFT, NCC

     Mental Health Counselor



Emily Moise-Fontenot     Emily Moise-Fontenot, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, CCTP

     Mental Health Counselor & Crisis Case Manager 



Curtis Meyers     Curtis Meyers, M.Ed., PLPC, NCC

     Mental Health Counselor



Brenda Sciortino     Brenda Sciortino

     Administrative Assistant II



Josephine Thomas     Josephine Thomas

     Administrative Coordinatror I


Student Advocacy & Accountability


Gabe Willis     Dr. Gabe Willis, Ph.D.





Antoinette Alack     Antoinette Alack

     Assistant Director


Disability Services

Angela James




Madison Allen

Interim Coordinator


Cecelia Palumbo

Administrative Assistant II



University Police 

Harold Todd     Harold Todd




Pat Gipson     Patrick Gipson

     Police Lieutenant, Uniform Patrol



Carmen Bray

Police Lieutenant, Administration, Training & Investigations



Tiffany Chavers-Edwards     Tiffany Chavers-Edwards

     Administrative Coordinator IV


University Parking

Cora von Aspern

Business Manager



Crystal H. Lato

Administrative Coordinator III



Angellia Gordon

Administrative Assistant I



Sandra Fancher     Sandra McGee

     Administrative Assistant I


Lion Traxx


Gary Prescott     Gary Prescott





Claude Harper     Claude Harper

     Bus Driver




Kenneth Stewart     Kenneth Stewart

     Bus Driver




Larry Jackson

Bus Driver



Joe Monistere

Bus Driver