Due to the recent weather closures, the deadline for making schedule adjustments (Drop/Add period) has been extended until Tuesday, January 23 at 5:00 p.m. The final fee payment deadline has been extended to Wednesday, January 24 at 5:00 p.m. Further information on any additional changes to the spring calendar will be forthcoming.


Client Services Team Leader

Donna Methvien dmethvien@southeastern.edu 

Hannah Scott hannah.scott-2@southeastern.edu Administrative Assistant

Cindy Leblanc cindy.leblanc@southeastern.edu Administrative Assistant


Desktop Support

Andre Cousin acousin@southeastern.edu

Andrew Gill andrew@southeastern.edu

Chad Sziszak chad.sziszak@southeastern.edu

Christopher Cotton Christopher.Cotton@southeastern.edu

Lamont Jenkins lamont@southeastern.edu

Tommy Mocsary tmocsary@southeastern.edu Help Desk Coordinator


Customer Service Center

Becki Starkey becki@southeastern.edu Customer Srv Ctr Coordinator

Bryant Martin bryant.martin@southeastern.edu

Grant Giles grant.giles@southeastern.edu


Telephone/Data Support Center

Daniel Crosser daniel.crosser@southeastern.edu

Jacquelyn Wagner Jacquelyn.Wagner@southeastern.edu Telephone Billing Coordinator

Tracey Cook tracey.cook@southeastern.edu