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Students who are expecting loan checks will have an anticipated loan amount posted to their account IF all necessary paperwork has been processed. Students receiving loans will have their refund payments sent to BankMobile. The first balance payments for Summer 2017 will be sent electronically to BankMobile on June 7, 2017, provided federal funds are received by Southeastern from the U.S. Department of Education. Students whose lenders send only paper checks must come to the cashier's section to endorse those checks beginning June 8, 2017. All subsequent refunds will be sent electronically to BankMobile beginning on June 12, 2017. In order to more efficiently process refunds, all types of refund payments will be sent to BankMobile and processed according to the refund method the student has elected. In order to reduce delays, students should log into and make a refund method selection. All students will be better served in this manner. For this reason, it will be very important for students to be sure that their MAILING address is correct on the system. Address correction instructions can be found on the Office of Records & Registration website. 

 BankMobile Disbursements

When you receive your code in the mail, by going online to, you can select a refund method of direct deposit into your personal bank account or BankMobile Vibe Account. Instructions are provided below.

"Vibe Account" is a refund option offered through BankMobile.

If you do not ever anticipate receiving a refund, you can simply choose the check option. Failure to select an option will delay your refund.


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Customer Identification Program (CIP)



 To view Southeastern's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank, click here


View the video below that explains how to make a refund preference selection.                      



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